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Level 1, 83 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone +61 2 9384 0399
Facsimile +61 2 9299 4448
Debt Recovery

We provide legal services in the recovery of debts. We have a demonstrated capacity to achieve a fast and efficient resolution of the debt recovery process:

  • Upon initial instructions, a letter of demand or proceedings are immediately prepared and dispatched.
  • We provide customised debt referral instruction forms that ensure that you are able to provide us with all the information required.
  • If there is any dispute as to the debt, we can provide the professional expertise to represent you at court and provide you with commercially sound legal advice.
  • Where an individual is bankrupt or a company is insolvent, we can assist you with the necessary advice, representation and expertise to assist you in your action.
  • NV Lawyers are able to advise you on the options for the enforcement of judgments and orders.
  • We provide the professional services you need for all aspects of your debt recovery process.

Instructing Us

  • Send an email or provide your instructions by facsimile with your details and the details of the debt you wish to recover. After acceptance of instructions we can immediately attend to the recovery action.
  • We report regularly on progress of your matters.
  • For any Company or Firm wishing to retain us on an ongoing basis, we would be pleased to arrange a meeting with you to show you the kind of quality professional services available at NV Lawyers .
Further Information