NV Lawyers

Level 1, 83 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone +61 2 9384 0399
Facsimile +61 2 9299 4448
Who We Are

We are a focused firm of solicitors who strive to deliver superb representation and advocacy legal services in contentious and related matters on budget and on time.

NV Lawyers was established April 2004. We have practised in a wide range of areas including commercial litigation, insolvency, bankruptcy, debt recovery, contracts, insurance, building and construction, and alternative dispute resolution.

Timely service
We are very concerned that legal services be provided with certainty and with speed: but not haste. If there is a deadline, it is to be met before the expiration of the deadline. Often in litigation, deadlines are subject to completion of a timetable with multiple parties. Not every contingency is foreseeable. However, to the extent that contingencies are foreseeable, our clients are advised and notified in advance and then updated as the matter progresses.

We utilise electronic and mobile communications extensively. We often scan documents and provide them to our clients directly, via email attachment. We have an advanced practice management and document generation software that ensures the consistency and timeliness of the service that you receive.

No Harbour Views

You do not pay for harbour views when you retain NV Lawyers! Our offices are conveniently located but are not lavishly appointed.

Further Information