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Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone +61 2 9384 0399
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Instructing Us

We welcome new enquiries for our services! If you would like to talk to us about how we may assist you - please telephone +61 2 9384 0399.

We act for a number of valued corporate clients, solicitors and accountants on a referral basis to address specific and specialist areas. In particular:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Insolvency – Personal & Corporate
  • Fraud Investigation and Recovery

We are very concerned that we provide our clients with valuable and cost effective legal representation. Above all we offer an expedient legal representation that endeavours to exceed our clients' expectations.

Our fees for litigation and advocacy representation are generally based on hourly rates. Written estimates of legal fees and disbursements are provided and where possible fixed fees are agreed in advance.

We have a number of fixed fee service offers. The fixed fees are based on fair estimates of the work required and provide certainty to our clients.

Disbursements are third party expenses that are incurred in the course of a matter on your behalf. Examples of these expenses include court filing fees, service fees, investigations, expert or barristers' fees. It is our policy to outsource all bulk photocopying at a substantial discount to trusted specialist providers. At the commencement of every set of instructions we assess the scope of the disbursements likely to be incurred so proper provision may be made for them.

If you have any queries about our legal services or you would like us to quote on the provision of legal services please do not hesitate to contact NV Lawyers on +61 2 9384 0399.

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