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We have a particular division of our practice which responds to instances of fraud in commercial and industrial contexts. In order to maximise recovery, we work closely with clients to ensure that fraud and misappropriation is dealt with promptly and confidentially. We advise clients on asset tracing and enforcement to ensure a maximum recovery of the proceeds of fraud. We coordinate with third party expert service providers and liaise directly with police and other regulatory bodies during the covert phase of any investigation.

Overall, the focus is to preserve and protect the financial and intellectual capital of the client company. Investigations often utilise high levels of information technology. We have run investigations which by application of a mix of legal and expert third party providers have contained the potentially swelling costs of investigation and subsequent enforcement proceedings.

It is essential that initial investigations are conducted expertly and in complete confidence. The data investigations and review of records is often time critical, and Urgent Remedies are often required. There are an array of remedies available on an urgent basis to prevent the removal of assets outside of the court’s jurisdiction.

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