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At NV Lawyers we understand that all clients are concerned not only about the quality of work a law firm provides, but also of the costs involved. There are no hidden costs or inflated bills for our clients. We find the fastest and most efficient way of recovering your debts to ensure that our clients get optimum returns from engaging us.

There are only three basic costs involved in the entire debt recovery process and these are set out as follows:

1. Filing Fees

These fees are according to the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 under Schedule 1. Extracts of the above Schedule can be found on each of the respective Court websites:

2. Professional Costs

Scale of fees are applicable for each of the jurisdictions above.

3. Service and Search Fees

We strongly recommend undertaking appropriate searches to ensure the correct names and addresses of debtor entities. Service of proceedings is attended to by specialist and reputable process servers. We have negotiated bulk discounts for the benefit of our clients.


We provide our clients with consolidated summaries of all the above expenses within our fee and cost disclosures to ensure that you are able to make clear commercial decisions in respect of the recovery of your commercial debts.

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